Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2014
Notes to Financial Statements  

On February 9, 2012, the Company completed a reverse merger transaction through a merger with GrowOp Technology whereby we acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of GrowOp Technology in exchange for 33,998,520 shares of our common stock, which represented approximately 41.4% of our total shares outstanding immediately following the closing of the transaction. As a result of the reverse acquisition, GrowOp Technology became our wholly owned subsidiary and the former shareholders of GrowOp Technology became our controlling stockholders. The share exchange transaction with GrowOp Technology was treated as a reverse acquisition, with GrowOp Technology as the acquiror and the Company as the acquired party.


On February 26, 2012, pursuant the Agreement and Plan of Merger, the Company issued an aggregate of 100 shares of Series A Preferred Stock and 14,750,000 shares of Series B Preferred Stock to Derek Peterson and Amy Almsteier, both of whom are officers and directors of the Company. The Company exchanged the shares for the Series A Preferred Stock and shares of Series B Preferred Stock issued by GrowOp Technology.


Purchase Accounting


The Acquisition was accounted for using the purchase method of accounting as a reverse acquisition. In a reverse acquisition, the post-acquisition net assets of the surviving combined company includes the historical cost basis of the net assets of the accounting acquirer (GrowOp Technologies Ltd.) plus the fair value of the net assets of the accounting acquiree (Terra Tech Corp). Further, under the purchase method, the purchase price is allocated to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values and the excess of the purchase price over the estimated fair value of the identifiable net assets is allocated to any intangible assets with the remaining excess purchase price over net assets acquired allocated to goodwill.


The fair value of the consideration transferred in the Acquisition was $4,800,000 and was calculated as the number of shares of common stock that GrowOp Technologies Ltd. would have had to issue in order for Terra Tech Corp. shareholders to hold a 58.6% equity interest in the combined Company post-acquisition, multiplied by the estimated fair value of the Company’s common stock on the acquisition date. The estimated fair value of the Company’s common stock was based on the offering price of the common stock sold in a private placement of share subscriptions which was completed most recently prior to the merger. This price was determined to be the best indication of fair value on that date since the price was based on an arm’s length negotiation with a group consisting of both new and existing investors that had been advised of the pending Acquisition and assumed similar liquidity risk as those investors holding the majority of shares being valued as purchase consideration.


The following table summarizes the Company’s determination of fair values of the assets acquired and the liabilities as of the date of acquisition.


Consideration - issuance of securities   $ 4,800,000  
Cash   $ 35  
Goodwill     4,799,965  
Total purchase price   $ 4,800,000  


The Company performed an impairment test related to goodwill as of the date of the merger and it was determined that goodwill was impaired. At that time, the Company recorded a charge to operations for the amount of the impairment of $4,799,965.